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Trusted By Local Healthcare Professionals

Blood Courier Inc. specializes in the seamless transportation of blood and critical medical supplies in all of Northern Ohio. We ensure that vital resources reach hospitals and medical facilities promptly and reliably.

We Transport
Blood When Every
Second Counts

Courier Transport Services for Blood and Medical Supplies

24/7/365 operation to hospitals and medical facilities in Cleveland-Akron area

Fast and friendly service, especially for emergencies

HIPAA Compliant and DOT Certified

Same day guarantee with flat rate pricing

Where We Excel

Efficient pickup and delivery arrangements via the "Blood Line"

Professionally trained couriers for secure transport

Documented delivery with initials for quality assurance

Maintaining proper temperature control and handling protocols

What Makes Us Different

Focused Expertise

Comprehensive Service

Industry Knowledge

Specializing in the transportation of blood and medical supplies

Committed to excellence and precision in our service

Transporting not just blood, but also X-rays and medical supplies

Serving hospitals and labs in the Northeast Ohio area

Well-trained on medical facility protocols and handling procedures

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